Are LED Lights Worth the Money?


With an array of lighting options available on our shelves, can it be said that LED lights worth the money? To answer this, we have to delve deeper into the costs of various forms of lighting to determine if this is, in fact, indeed the case. You may initially believe that doing so is a waste of time, but when you consider the money you spend on electricity each year, it makes sense save money wherever you can.

The first concern that people have regarding LED lights is the initial cost of purchasing them. They are considerably more expensive than the regular incandescent lights that you will be used to as it is not unusual to pay over $10 for a single LED light. Of course, this depends on the size and brightness so prices can vary.

However, we need to look at the benefits that come with using these lights to decide whether or not it is an investment that is worthy of your hard-earned money.

If we look at the electricity, then it is estimated that the average household can reduce the part of their bills connected to lighting by approximately 20% just by switching to LED lights. Now, add that up over a year, and you can begin to understand how it is capable of making a significant difference.

We can take this point further by looking at the average costs of running a typical bulb. The average ball park figure for a regular incandescent bulb running for five hours per day over two years will be in the region of $32 for the electricity. This can vary slightly depending on the costs from your electricity supplier, but it’s good enough to give you an idea.

Now, if we turn to a single LED light running for the same period, then the cost can be as low as $12 which is a significant saving. You get the same level of light, but it doesn’t burn the same size of a hole in your pocket.

We can take one straightforward and elementary fact into account to help us form our decision. By the scientific method of deductive reasoning, we have found out that LED based systems to draw less power than orthodox light bulb systems would. Again, from this one simple fact alone, we can deduce that they are worth the money.

When you then throw in that they last longer, are less likely to break, and are available in a range of brightness levels, then changing each bulb to LED lights makes so much sense. When it doesn’t have a detrimental effect on you, then one wonders why it could have ever been in doubt, to begin with.