Incandescent vs. LED Christmas Lighting


When it Comes to Incandescent vs. LED Christmas Lighting, there are several factors you should take into consideration. In the Christmas tree lighting, you are looking for different colors so that you can achieve unique decorative features. Both incandescent and LED bulbs can be utilized in the light production, but there are certain limitations which make bright lighting systems less preferable. Nowadays LED driven systems have dominated the scene of Christmas tree decorating due to different factors.

With this having been said and gotten out there, here are some great factors that may help you in choosing incandescent vs. LED lighting systems.

1. The Service Life Of The Lighting Systems

When taking into consideration the service life of the two lighting systems, you will realize LED bulbs perform better than incandescent light fixtures. Incandescent bulbs are designed to self-destruct. They run an electrical current through a filament. The filament can degrade with time hence reducing the lifespan of the bulb. It is unlike LED technology which is highly durable.

2. It’s Energy Efficiency

It is necessary to utilize energy economically. Incandescent systems burn filaments to produce light. It is an inefficient way of producing light because most of the energy is wasted in the form of heat. It is unlike LED bulbs which convert up to 90% of electrical power into light. Incandescent bulbs will only convert 20% into light while wasting the rest in the form of heat.

3. Heat: Cool Vs. Hot

There is no fear of pets or children playing close to your Christmas tree lit with LED bulbs. Even if they are left alight for several hours, they remain cool to touch. It is unlike incandescent bulbs which burn filaments to produce a lot of heat which can pose a danger to your pets or children if they play close to the Christmas decoration lights made out of hot bulbs. For a more thorough explanation of risk of fire, Myth Busters performed an experiment – check it out.

4. Color Output: It’s True Colors

The diodes in LED bulbs generate real colored lights. If you decide to go for blue, the diodes will produce the blue color. It is unlike bulbs which produce only white light and leave you to cover the filaments with colored bulbs. The color generated by the LED bulbs is vibrant and attractive for your Christmas decoration to stand out. You may prefer to have different colors in your Christmas decorations. The bulbs are very efficient in allowing you achieve the perfect colors in your decoration.

For you to choose the best between Incandescent vs. LED Christmas Lighting, it is necessary to compare features of the two lighting systems so that you can decide on the best which can meet your specific needs. In general, LED lighting systems score highly in the comparison.